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Safe Deposit Boxes

A Safe Deposit Box is a contained metal box owned by the bank and kept in the vault. You can rent a Safe Deposit Box to store all of your valuables, including birth certificates, social security cards, investment papers or anything else you would like to keep in a safe place.*

Most of the boxes are rented by the year, but some of the larger boxes can be rented by the month or year.

Safe Deposit Box Sizes

Size Dimensions Yearly Fees for Customers Yearly Fees for Non-Customers
A 2 x 5 x 22 $20 $25
B 3 x 5 x 22 $25 $30
C 5 x 5 x 22 $35 $40
D 3 x 10 x 22 $40 $45
E 5 x 10 x 22 $50 $55
F 10 x 10 x 22 $80 $95
G 13 x 20 x 22 $180 $195
H 26 x 20 x 22 $350 $395
A $5 Billing Charge will be applied to boxes without automatic payments.

Sizes Available by Location

Office Locations Sizes Available
Brookfield Office A, B, D - F
Delafield Office B - F
Downtown Waukesha Office A - F
E. Main Street Office B - F
E. Racine Ave. Office A, B, D - F
Menomonee Falls Office B-F
Mukwonago Office A, B, D - F
Muskego Office A, B, D, E, F
New Berlin Office B - F
Oconomowoc Office B - H
Pewaukee Office B - F
Sussex Office A, B, D - F
W. Sunset Dr. Office B - F
*Contents of all Safe Deposit Boxes are not FDIC insured.

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