Board & Management

Waukesha State Bank Board & Management

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Our Management Philosophy

Since the day we opened in 1944, Waukesha State Bank has operated with a unique hands-on, accessible management philosophy. Our management team members, including our bank president and office managers, have desks in our bank lobbies and are available for our customers during regular business hours.

Board of Directors

Beverly M. Chappie
Honorary Board Member, Director, Christoph Memorial YWCA (retired) 

Susan Edwards
President & CEO, ProHealth Care, Inc.

Carl Geraldson
Chief Financial Officer, Precision Gears, Inc. 

Dr. Cindy Gnadinger
President, Carroll University 

Jody R. Lowe
President of the Lowe Group

Kenneth P. Riesch
President, R & R Insurance Services, Inc. 

Daniel R. Shepard
Executive Vice President, Waukesha State Bank 

Fred G. Stier
CEO, Stier Construction, Inc. 

Don L. Taylor
Vice President, Waukesha State Bank 

Ty R. Taylor
President & CEO, Waukesha State Bank 

Dr. Anselmo Villarreal
President & CEO, La Casa de Esperanza, Inc.