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Trust Solutions

We hear all too often from Financial Advisors that their
clients have the wrong trustee, creating headaches in
distribution, funds management, and even accounting.

We can help you migrate trusts, opening new doors and strengthening your client relationships along the way.


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Estate Planning

When it comes time to distribute your assets, your loved
ones will be thankful that you chose Prairie Trust to settle
your estate.

Our job is to ensure your instructions are carried out,
and most importantly, we ensure your loved ones are
provided for. 

Prairie Trust Events

Prairie Trust Events

Join us at our monthly CE Luncheon Series in our Community Room, located at 1227 Corporate Center Dr. in Oconomowoc.

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Trust Services

A lasting legacy doesn’t happen on its own. From carrying out your intentions once you are gone to ensuring your beneficiaries needs are met, legacies must be managed in order to last. Prairie Trust understands that each fiduciary choice we make today impacts how long your legacy lives on tomorrow.

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