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Prairie Trust Intro

New Brand, Same Exceptional Service.

Prairie Financial Group is now Prairie Trust!

As Prairie Trust, we will focus strictly on trust and estate settlement while continuing to carry out our role as Corporate Trustee, providing deep expertise alongside the all-important fiduciary duties of trust administration. Ask us about:

  • Personal Trust Administration

  • Estate Settlement Services

  • Special Needs Trust Expertise

Prairie Trust Estate Services

Estate Services

When it comes time to distribute your assets, your loved ones will be thankful that you chose Prairie Trust to settle your estate. Our job is to ensure your instructions are carried out, and most importantly, we ensure your loved ones are provided for during this time. 
Prairie Trust Events


Prairie Trust proudly sponsors and supports several events in the community throughout the year. We'd love to you join us!
multigenerational family with grandparents and children

Trust Services

A lasting legacy doesn’t happen on its own. From carrying out your intentions once you are gone to ensuring your beneficiaries needs are met, legacies must be managed in order to last. Prairie Trust understands that each fiduciary choice we make today impacts how long your legacy lives on tomorrow.

Learn more about our Trust Services >