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We're here to provide you with personalized service and a wide range of options to meet all of your home building and home buying needs. APPLY NOW >

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At Waukesha State Bank, our Friendly Mortgage Team is here for you, throughout the loan application and closing process, and beyond!

  • We generally do not sell our servicing.*
    Your loan stays with us, and your payments come directly to Waukesha State Bank. You can even arrange to have your mortgage paid automatically from another Waukesha State Bank account , for the ultimate in convenience.
  • You'll always talk to a person.
    You won't have to navigate through an endless stream of options. When you call, you will always talk to a member of the Waukesha State Bank mortgage staff who can answer your questions regarding all aspects of your loan.
  • We'll take care of everything.
    We will handle your tax escrow along with any issue that may come up during the course of your loan. We are here for you.

Our goal is to provide you with personalized service and a wide range of options to meet all of your home buying and refinancing needs.

And because most of our loans are serviced locally at our offices, we stand apart from simple mortgage brokers. We're always ready to help, and you can access your most current loan information by phone or via the Internet using our exclusive VaultLink Telephone and VaultLink Online Services!


  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Construction & Lot Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • First-Time Homebuyer Program
  • FHA/VA Loans
  • WHEDA Loans
  • And more!

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Our Mortgage Lending Team

Our Waukesha State Bank Mortgage Loan Consultants provide one-on-one, personalized service at a time and location that’s convenient for you. Rest assured that our knowledgeable, friendly staff will be here when you need us to answer your questions and guide you through the loan process - from your application to your home's closing.

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Rob Helvey, Mortgage Lending Manager, Waukesha State Bank

Rob Helvey

Downtown Waukesha

Vice President - Manager of Mortgage Lending
Office: (
262) 549-8527
Cell: (608) 513-9838
NMLS #: 500030
Email Rob

David Bednarski, Waukesha State Bank Mortgage Sales Manager

David Bednarski

Downtown Waukesha

Mortgage Sales Manager
Office: (262) 953-5708
Cell: (262) 893-1316
NMLS #: 1132327
Email David
pply Online with David


Kristen Krabath Photo

Kristen Bulfer

E. Main St. Office

Mortgage Consultant 
Office: (262) 549-8513 
Cell: (262) 844-9107 
NMLS #: 1615477 
Email Kristen 
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David Curran PhotoDavid Curran

Brookfield & Pewaukee Offices

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 953-2375
Cell: (414) 750-7820
NMLS #: 425453
Email David
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Waukesha State Bank Mortgage Lender Kyle Geis

Kyle Geis

Downtown Waukesha and Meadowbrook Rd. Offices

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 372-5642
Cell: (262) 844-2427
NMLS #: 585582
Email Kyle
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Waukesha State Bank Mortgage Lending Assistant Manager Scott Hart

Scott Hart

Downtown Waukesha and Sussex Offices

Senior Sales Manager
Office: (262) 953-2355
Cell: (414) 520-5830
NMLS #: 526247
Email Scott
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Lisa Hintz Photo Lisa Hintz

W. Sunset Dr. and New Berlin Offices

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 953-2411
Cell: (414) 795-4202
NMLS #: 1707121
Email Lisa
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Waukesha State Bank Mortgage Lender John Johnson

John Johnson

Delafield and Mukwonago Offices

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 953-2434
Cell: (262) 949-0386
NMLS #: 555818
Email John
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Sherri Krabath, Waukesha State Bank Mortgage Consultant Sherri Krabath

Downtown Waukesha Office

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 549-8537
Cell: (414) 429-5828
NMLS #: 526249
Email Sherri
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Mike Kurth Photo Mike Kurth

Oconomowoc Office

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 549-8514
Cell: (414) 412-2478
NMLS #: 250056
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Don Madisen professional photo. Don Madisen

Downtown Waukesha Office

Mortgage Sales Manager
Office: (262) 953-2366
Cell: (262) 664-5211
NMLS #: 245411
Email Don
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Waukesha State Bank Mortgage Lender Tony Manzo Tony Manzo

Downtown Waukesha Office

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 549-8511
Cell: (414) 507-1918
NMLS #: 443015
Se habla Español.
Email Tony
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Craig Mariano Photo

Craig Mariani

Muskego Office

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 953-2356
Cell: (414) 235-1250
NMLS #: 282092
Email Craig
Apply Online with Craig

Kevin O'Connor Photo Kevin O'Connor

E. Racine Ave. Office

Mortgage Consultant
Office: (262) 953-2426
Cell: (262) 893-7210
NMLS #: 427127
Email Kevin
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*Our mortgage loans are generally serviced by Waukesha State Bank, except for VA/FHA, USDA, WHEDA, and some jumbo loans.

Credit products are subject to credit approval and availability. Some exceptions apply.