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Other Payroll Services

We offer a variety of services designed to fit and work together to make your payroll – and business – run smoothly, including:

Affordable Care Act Application
Employee Onboarding Solution
Employee Benefit Enrollment & Management
Labor Law Poster Service
WSB At Work Guaranteed Checking
Accounting Interface
Time-Off Policy Tracking
Third Party Payment Service


To learn more about the services listed below, contact:

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Affordable Care Act Application

Is your business affected by the provisions of the Affordable Care Act?

  • Do you employ more than 50 full time employees or equivalents?
  • Is your healthcare insurance plan affordable?
  • Have you offered affordable health insurance to 70% or more of your full-time employees?
  • How about their dependents?
  • Are you ready to report all this information?

Our ACA Compliance Application:

  • Manages your employer and employee status.
  • Keeps you in compliance with the percentage of benefits offered.
  • Tracks all dependent information.
  • Determines whether the benefit offered is affordable.
  • Provides all the required reporting.
  • Helps you avoid unnecessary audits and large penalties for not being in compliance.

Learn what employers need to know on the Affordable Care Act, or for more information, click here to go to the ACA Information Center.



Recruitment - Applicant Tracking - Onboarding

Hiring right means hiring with a focus on compliance. In today’s increasingly-regulated business environment, handwritten paper and manual record keeping simply isn’t enough. Our automated Employee Onboarding Solution uses web-based, logic-driven forms to quickly – and compliantly – hire new talent. Whether you need 50 new employees or one,  you can hire employees in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Distribute open positions to top job boards and social media sites in one click.
  • Easily identify top candidates with the background required for your position.
  • New hires complete onboarding documents electronically (W-4, I-9, Employee Handbook, and more) so every document is completed and submitted the right way.
  • Payroll integration seamlessly moves employee data gathered during the onboarding process directly and efficiently into payroll without the need for manual entry.

Human Resource professionals can roll out a new hire package in moments, allowing new employees to complete everything from a direct deposit authorization form to the Form I-9, which holds countless opportunities for large federal fines over the most simple of formatting mistakes. But with our onboarding solution, they can’t happen. Strict, built-in formatting tools and prompts are used to ensure every document is completed and submitted the right way, the first time.

Be compliant. Onboard faster.


Employee Benefit Enrollment & Management

Employee Benefit Enrollment & Management is the comprehensive online benefit management tool that allows you to manage your benefit administration and your employees to enroll in their benefits with just a few clicks. It's simple to use, quick to implement and incredibly affordable! Employee Benefit Enrollment & Management features powerful views, a robust reporting tool...and more!


Labor Law Poster Service

All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster (laminated) ensures you are up-to-date with current Labor Law Posting Requirements. Due to the ever-changing climate of labor law posting requirements, we provide an e-Update Service  to assist you in staying compliant, and to help you avoid Government imposed fines, penalties and potential lawsuits.

  • Get up-to-date All-In-One Labor Law Poster at the start of service and every year on your subscription anniversary
  • Get e-Updates throughout the year with mandatory or recommended federal, state, city or county changes

WSB At Work Guaranteed Checking

Our exclusive checking program is designed for employees of our Payroll Complete business customers.
  • Guaranteed acceptance for your employees
  • Concierge Services - A banker will be assigned to your account for your employees' benefit
  • Access to a variety of products and services, including ITIN and minor friendly accounts
  • Spanish speaking bankers available
All of our Personal Checking Accounts feature:
  • FREE Waukesha State Bank Debit Mastercard® with FREE access at Waukesha State Bank ATMs
  • No ATM surcharge at ATM Access terminals throughout Wisconsin*
  • FREE 1st order of Waukesha State Bank checks
  • FREE Online Banking & Bill Pay with Paperless Statement**
  • FREE Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit
  • FREE Point-of-Sale debit transactions

*Whether or not an ATM has a surcharge, normal fees still apply as follows: A $2 transaction fee will apply at all non-Waukesha State Bank ATMs unless any one of the following conditions are met: 1) you are an Advantage Plus or Student Checking account owner, 2) you maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 or more during the checking account monthly statement cycle or savings service charge cycle (calendar month), 3) the transaction is a deposit, transfer or balance inquiry.

**Checking accounts other than Advantage Plus or Value Added Checking Plus pay a fee for Online Bill Pay if they receive Paper Statements. For Advantage Plus, Value Added Checking Plus and other checking accounts with Paperless Statements, a monthly inactivity fee will apply after 60 days of non-use.


Accounting Interface

Save time by exporting payroll data into your accounting system!

With a click of a button, your general ledger will be updated. After each payroll run, we’ll provide a file you can easily import into Quickbooks®, Peachtree® or your custom accounting system. Each file contains G/L entries, check information and job costing details. You’ll appreciate the savings in time and reduction of input errors.

Customized G/L exports are also available!

  • Saves time and money
  • Minimal cost (one-time set-up fee then included in the standard payroll package)
  • Easy to get started
  • Simple file import


Time-Off Policy Tracking

Automatically accrue and record paid-time-off seamlessly with our time-off accrual system. The time-off accrual system allows employers to automatically and accurately accrue and record paid-time-off for selected employees.

  • PTO plans or accruals can be set to calculate on a calendar or anniversary date according to your organization’s policy.
  • Payroll seamlessly interfaces with the time-off accrual system to record PTO processed through payroll.
  • Ti me-off reporting and check stub notification is conveniently available.

Third Party Payment Service

Easily manage payments of employee deductions for garnishments, child support and other deductions paid directly to a third party via check or ACH.