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Do what you do best—running your business,
and let us handle your Payroll Services.


Since our beginning in 1971, our Payroll Complete Team has been processing payroll for all types of businesses—both big and small.

We have a proven record of:Calendar Payday

  • Accuracy
  • Confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Personal Attention
  • Timely Results
  • Economical Pricing

How can we help you? Let our friendly payroll experts focus on reducing the complexity and risk of preparing your payroll so you can focus on running your business. 

As a division of Waukesha State Bank, Payroll Complete offers the same friendly service with a personalized, one-on-one approach to banking. This means our experts are always just a phone call away whenever you need them.

It all begins here!

To start, we will:

  • Process your payroll and produce all the necessary reports (hard copies or electronic)
  • Calculate payroll tax, prepare payroll tax returns and submit tax payments for Federal, State and Local jurisdictions
  • Prepare your W-2 forms at year-end

In addition, we can further simplify your payroll with a combination of our dynamic products listed below, along with customer service for a quick and easy pay day.

Additional Services Designed for YOU!

Online Payroll Services

Do more in less time with Online Payroll Services, a secure cloud-based app available 24/7 over the internet using any standards-compliant web browser.

Plus, Online Employee Self Service gives your employees secure Internet access to:

  • View check stubs and W-2 forms, reducing your administrative burden, printed material and distribution costs

Click here to view a demo of Online Payroll Services.

HR Support Center

HR Support Center offers Human Resources products and services powered by technology and supported with a high performing team of professionals which makes an outstanding combination! You will have access to reference articles, download forms and job descriptions, research laws, an extensive HR knowledge base for answers to employment questions and more!

When you upgrade to HR On-Demand, you’ll receive all the benefits of HR Support Center plus an HR Consulting Service to address workplace compliance and issues like terminations, hiring and harassment.  HR Professionals will also create and customize various HR documents, including your employee handbook.

Click here to view a demo of HR Support Center.

General Ledger Service

We can export all your payroll data into QuickBooks® or other popular accounting software.

Time Keeping System

Improve the productivity, accuracy and reliability of your entire payroll process. Web-based Time Clock is an online electronic time and attendance solution for businesses, large and small.

Time-Off Accrual

Automatically accrue and record paid time off seamlessly with our Time-Off Accrual system.

Human Resource Information System

CyberHR is designed to efficiently track and report data on employees for compliance and management-related functions.

Third-Party Payment Service

Automatically withhold and remit employee deductions, such as child support, garnishments, retirement funds and more.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation Insurance

Avoid the big up-front Work Comp premium down payment followed by time consuming audits and adjustments. Pay premiums gradually and automatically with each payroll.


Call our Payroll Complete Team at (262) 549-8585
to get started, or for more information!

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